Effective and robust technology is a key component of any fund administration business. Augentius uses industry leading technology to ensure the efficient and timely processing of all accounting information.

Core System

Augentius uses Investran 7 as its core accounting system across all locations. Investran has for many years been recognized as the leading accounting technology for the industry and as one of three global beta test sites, Augentius maintains its systems at the leading edge. Clients can be assured that they are using the latest technology to support their funds.

Remote Access to Data

Both Managers and Investors increasingly require remote access to data:

(i) Managers

Full secure remote access to fund and entity data can be obtained on a real-time basis from Augentius systems – with data and reporting being delivered via dashboard facilities in useable formats, to enable managers to process and manipulate data.

(ii) Existing Investors

Investor reporting can be delivered via a number of options including a secure investor portal which can be located on the manager’s own website if required.

(iii) New Investors

Augentius provides secure dataroom facilities to assist managers in their fund raising activities. All datarooms are designed to meet the specific requirements of each manager – providing a tailored and individual solution.

Disaster Recovery Systems

It is critical (and in many cases a regulatory requirement) that managers maintain full DR capability. Augentius maintains robust facilities which are regularly tested in both a test environment and in the real world – more recently after the Borough Market attack in London in 2017. Despite the attack taking place within meters of the London office all client deliverables were delivered by Augentius to its clients on time.