Real Estate Administration Services

Augentius administers a wide range of Real Estate funds as well as the related entities such as special purpose vehicles, trusts, management companies and carry vehicles.

Fund Launch/Establishment

Augentius provides expertise and assistance throughout the launch process. We will review legal documentation; liaise with regulators and manage the regulatory processes. We design and tailor all fund documentation, call letters, reports and accounts to meet GP and LP requirements, carry out the Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering checks on investors and provide a Dataroom to assist with the launch process.

Accounting Services

We maintain all the accounting records for the funds, generate and distribute all call and distribution notices, prepare all financial reporting, calculate and pay all fees, including carry, and manage the annual audit process. IRRs are calculated on an ongoing basis (per fund, investment and investor) and constantly available. Tax reporting is similarly available as required by investors.

Investor Relations

Augentius participates in the investor relations process as much, or as little as our clients want. We manage the capital call and distribution processes, monitoring all cash movements, distribute all reporting and issue managers reports and mailshots as required. In addition to making all investor reporting available online we can also assist in the answering of investor questions and the like.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Generally more relevant for offshore funds, Augentius provides the registered address, acts as Company Secretary, organizes all relevant meetings, takes and circulates minutes and does everything that you would expect from your Company Secretary. We will also arrange for the provision of Directors as required.

Carry, Founder Partner and Co-Investment Vehicles

We administer all the connected entities across the fund. Increasingly the fund will make use of multi-jurisdictional structures and the use of a single accounting platform across Augentius facilitates the automated consolidation of accounting records.