Depositary Services

As the Private Equity and Real Estate industries become more regulated, so there is an increasing need for managers to consider the use of Custodian/Depositary Services. Different levels of services are required in different legislations.


Augentius is already acting as Qualified Custodian to a number of clients under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Assets are maintained in safe-keeping on behalf of clients, and Custody statements produced in accordance with the regulations.


Augentius has played a considerable role in the development of the role of the Depositary under the AIFMD. We have participated in discussions with ESMA and have subsequently had ongoing discussions with the UK Treasury and the FSA regarding the development of the product within the UK. Augentius intends to provide stand-alone Depositary services in the UK to Private Equity and Real Estate Funds.

Channel Islands

Augentius has for many years been a regulated Custodian in Guernsey. Safe–keeping and related services have been provided to clients for many years. As Guernsey and Jersey develop products to meet the requirements of the AIFMD, so Augentius anticipates being able to provide the necessary Depositary services.

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