AIFMD Reporting

You have a Problem…

  • The AIFMD is now in place across Europe and the Reporting Requirements are now implemented. But not all formats have been standardized and different countries have different requirements
  • All AIFMs (fund managers) now have to report data and information to their regulators
  • Reporting scope is determined on an AIFM basis – not just on fund basis
  • Non-European managers who are marketing funds in Europe are required to report in each country they are marketing in

We have the Solution…

  • We will help and guide you through the reporting requirements. We will be collecting the information from your data sources and populate the reporting with your data if that is how you would like us to help – or provide you with technical guidance via a telephone helpline, enabling you to complete the reporting module, if that is the route you prefer
  • Full work-flow mapping, with process deadlines set along the way, ensure completion and delivery within regulatory requirements
  • Both the Augentius team and the in-built checks within the reporting system will ensure that all relevant fields have been populated and that the data is correct. In the event of errors or omissions these will be automatically highlighted for correction
  • Once all the final checks have been completed you will be in a position to release the report to the regulators – the system automatically delivering it to the regulators that you need to deliver to

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