Augentius is not just about fund administration. We are not just accountants keeping the books and records. With our knowledge of the Private Equity and Real Estate world we can guide you through a myriad of challenges:

  • We provide assistance and guidance to help managers obtain the relevant regulatory approvals – either through our local offices or with the assistance of Augentius Compliance
  • We review your legal documentation, from an operational point of view, helping and guiding where appropriate
  • We assist with investor due diligence – an important part of the process in an increasingly regulated world
  • We provide both yourselves and your investors with the reporting, information and data that is needed, on time and in the format that it is needed in
  • We provide you with the Depositary services you need in Europe through Augentius Depositary Limited
  • Your Augentius team understands your fund and it’s structure and they are in contact with you all the time; they seamlessly become an integral extension to your business
  • Not only do we account for your funds, we process your banking payments, we answer your investors queries and we guide you through the administrative maze – allowing you to focus on what is most important for you and your portfolio
  • We help you with your regulatory reporting, no matter where it may be, including AIFMD and FATCA reporting
  • We keep abreast of change around the world – keeping you informed of what is changing and how it might affect you, your fund and your business
  • We never stand still – we are constantly developing our knowledge and services to meet your needs

For an overview of our most recent statistics and projects, visit our Annual Review website.