July 12, 2018

SGG Group, a leading global investor services firm, backed by Astorg Partners, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Augentius, a leading global provider of alternative investment solutions to the Private Equity and Real Estate communities.

This acquisition propels SGG into the 4th leading investor services firm in the world with the deal growing its assets under administration (AuA) to over USD 400 billion.

Augentius offers a complete suite of fund administration, depositary, AIFMD reporting, regulatory compliance, FATCA/CRS and investor solutions to institutional investors across 13 jurisdictions including the US, the Philippines, Cayman, BVI, the UK, Guernsey, Jersey, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mauritius. The transaction, which is subject to regulatory approval, is expected to be completed by Q4 2018.

The services offered by Augentius will reinforce and complement SGG’s current funds offering, including a state-of-the-art technological platform and experienced team with the reputation of providing high quality service. Augentius employs over 650 professionals.

SGG has made a number of acquisitions in recent months to extend its lead in the investor services industry through a complete offering across a number of jurisdictions, technologically advanced services and expert teams, and has an ambitious strategy for continued growth. Following the completion of the various acquisitions that the firm has recently announced together with Augentius, SGG will employ over 2350 professionals across 23 jurisdictions.

Serge Krancenblum, SGG Group’s CEO, said,

“This acquisition is in line with SGG’s ongoing commitment to developing our product offering and geographical reach to become the leading global partner for the alternative investment industry. I am very excited by the acquisition of Augentius as it represents a transformational milestone for our business. Upon completion, SGG will have a comprehensive global offering to the alternative investment community. I am certain that there is an excellent cultural alignment between our two firms as both businesses put clients and its people at the core of what they do. Together we will take our combined group to new heights.’

Ian Kelly, CEO and Executive Director of Augentius, commented:

“I believe that this is a hugely exciting opportunity as this deal will bring a wealth of new opportunities for our newly combined businesses, everyone within it and especially for our clients. SGG Group is  one of the main consolidators of the industry and we are pleased to join forces with a global investor services firm which has the ambition to build a sustainable firm for this generation and the next.’’

About SGG

SGG Group is a leading global investor services firm providing a comprehensive range of compliance, administration, asset and advisory services to alternative investment funds, international companies, international families and entrepreneurs.

SGG has over 300 funds with Assets under Administration exceeding USD 250bn.

SGG Group is among the most flexible providers in the sector and our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to find the best solutions for our clients.

We help our clients realise their ambitions as they seek to keep pace with a changing environment. SGG Group attracts and retains the most experienced experts and invests in the industry’s leading technology platforms to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

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Half of private equity and real estate fund managers not satisfied with cybersecurity arrangements

July 4, 2018

Over half of private equity and real estate fund managers are less than satisfied with their firm’s current level of cybersecurity arrangements, according to a new survey carried out by fund administrator Augentius.

Some 54 per cent of managers also identified cybersecurity as one of their top two priorities for technology investment this year, with the other leading priority being data management and cloud.

The survey, which polled the views of firms across the globe, shows the extent to which managers prioritise investing in their businesses’ technology, in a sector that was once regarded as relatively low-tech.

Ian Kelly, Group CEO of Augentius, commented: “It’s fair to say the old stereotype of the industry lagging behind when it comes to seeing the importance of technology is now firmly outdated. The results underline how attitudes have shifted.”

“There are positive signs that regulator warnings about the rising threat of cybercrime are getting through to the industry and having the desired effect on investment in this area. However, with half of the industry less than satisfied with their arrangements there is clearly still some road left to travel – regulators have been clear that there isn’t any room for half-measures on this front.”

Looking over a longer timeframe, the research also asked managers which areas of innovation they felt were most likely to transform the way they do business. Data management and cloud services emerged as the most popular answers. Interestingly, while not a spending priority at present, over half of the managers highlighted the nascent field of AI and machine learning as an area that could have a large impact on how private equity operates in the coming years.

However, managers also identified what they perceive to be the main barriers standing in the way of technology innovation within the sector, with difficult-to-replace legacy IT systems and an internal lack of technology leadership, talent and skill being the most common concerns.

Kelly says: “While the industry is shifting to embrace technology in culture and attitude, a gap in the necessary expertise presents a challenge. This internal lack of technology leadership and skill is understandably a problem for many smaller firms, given the prohibitive cost of building up in-house expertise from scratch. For many managers, partnering with a trusted third party is the optimal route, so they can focus on the core job at hand.”

Press release originally published in Private Equity Wire  

AICPA guide translates US GAAP for investment companies

Client-exclusive content

June 26, 2018

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