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Mauritius originally became popular as fund domicile for funds investing into India. More recently its’ IPPA’s with African countries, its strategic position and political stability, amongst other factors, have made Mauritius a popular domicile for funds targeting African investments and we have seen a substantial increase in the use of this jurisdiction in recent years. Funds are primarily governed by The Securities Act 2005 and The Securities (Collective Investment Schemes and Close‐ended Funds) Regulations 2008 (the “Regulations”). The Limited Partnership Act 2011 provides for Private Equity and Real Estate funds to be structured as Limited Partnerships and for investors to take advantage of the tax transparency rules.

Private Equity funds normally take the form of Limited Partnerships licensed as a closed-end-funds under the Securities Act 2005 and the Securities (Collective Investment Schemes and Closed-end Funds) Regulations 2008.


Augentius Fund Administration (Mauritius) Limited a company regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) was formed in 2008 primarily to facilitate the administration of funds investing into Africa. We now administer numerous such funds, along with their related structures and have become one of the principal administrators to Africa Funds. Our corporate structure facilitates the corporate governance of the fund to be carried out in Mauritius with the day to day accounting being carried out in a locality/time zone more appropriate for the manager. Services provided by Augentius include:


  • Fund Administration
  • Fund Accounting
  • Special Purpose Vehicle Accounting and Administration
  • Corporate Services
  • Depositary Services
  • Investor Relations
  • AIFMD Reporting
  • FATCA/CRS Reporting
  • Fund Launches