Augentius Annual Review 2017: OUR YEAR

The Augentius group provides solutions to the private equity and real estate industry. As the industry changes and develops, so does Augentius. During 2016 we have further expanded our range of solutions – with more planned for 2017. Augentius is not a business that stands still – we listen to our clients and the industry and deliver the solutions that are needed, when they are needed.



Our Fund Administration solution lies at the core of the Group. Delivered across the continents of the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, Augentius has become one of the most respected Private Equity and Real Estate administrators in the world. Solutions are provided to Funds, GPs, Management Companies, Special Purpose Vehicles and related structures.

2016 saw further substantial growth in the business across all the geographic regions. Considerable business was moved to us from other fund administrators. In addition we saw continued growth in funds moving their administration function from their own offices to Augentius.

2017 sees further expansion of the business with enhanced technology being delivered to clients and the further development of solutions to meet the ever expanding needs of clients.





Over the last 12 months Augentius Depositary has secured mandates from some of the largest funds in the world, delivering solutions through both the UK and Augentius (Luxembourg) S.A.

This has resulted in circa 50% growth in the business during the year, with a strong pipeline of new clients for 2017. In addition to providing services to EU managers, an increasing number of non EU managers seeking to market their funds to EU investors, have used Augentius Depositary to achieve their objective in meeting the German and Danish Private placement regime requirements.





Developed to specifically to meet the needs of managers required to report under the AIFMD, AIFMD Reporter facilitates the reporting of data from a single source across all 26 regulators in Europe.

Despite the AIFMD coming into place some time ago, AIFMD Reporter’s client base has continued to grow. During 2016 over 300 reports were filed for clients by the specialist Augentius team. Increasingly managers are seeking to outsource the burden of regulatory reporting, they have better ways to utilise their scarce resources, and the solution provided by Augentius has proven to be very attractive.




FATCA (and more recently CDOT) reporting commenced in 2015 and the volume of work involved for managers has grown significantly since then. As with AIFMD reporting, many managers have sought to outsource this work and in 2016 the dedicated Augentius team filed over 200 reports, covering circa 1000 investor accounts across a range of different tax authorities.

We continue to see a growing numbers of managers looking to Augentius to help them with this work, using our dedicated team and sophisticated technology to provide the solution they need.





One of the more recent solutions created for Managers by the Group, Augentius Compliance has seen rapid growth of over 100% during 2016. Advice and assistance is being provided to a diverse range of managers and in some instances to portfolio companies working in the financial sector.

The Augentius Compliance team is different to many compliance consultancy groups providing pro-active hands-on advice and guidance, delivering updated manuals, board reports and where required attending board and other meetings.





Created during 2016, Augentius Investor Solutions has been set up to deliver sophisticated solutions to large and complex investors who are seeking to turn data into easily accessible & formatted intelligence.

Using Augentius’ data collection and processing services in conjunction with cutting edge technology Augentius is now providing Investors with complex portfolio data. With next day cash flow projections along with sophisticated portfolio analysis and reporting, tailored to each client’s needs, delivered on-line across all formats, Investors can focus their attention on the management of their portfolio – as opposed to their portfolio processing.





The Group is very proud of the Augentius Charitable Foundation – our own charity, run by our own staff. Each office nominates its’ own local charity/charities to support during the year. Supported by contributions from the Augentius Group over US$40,000, was raised for local charities over the last 12 months.